Aristo-Craft 6 channel Reed
Bonner Digimite 4 channel proportional
Bonner Digimite 4RS 4 channel proportional
Bonner Digimite 8 channel proportional


Ecktronics single channel with DeBolt servo
Controlaire GG w/ Mark II actuator
Babcock single channel CW with Don Steeb servo
Citizen-Ship 8 channel reed - relay
CG / F&M 8 channel reed-relay with trainer box
Min-X 10 channel reed
Orbit 8 channel reed-relay
Kraft 10 channel reed
Cannon single chan with Royal servo
Sterling single chan pulse proportional
F&M 10 channel reed
Kraft / Ace single chan & Phelps pulser
C&S 6 channel reed with Annco servos
Citizen-Ship 3 chan analog proportional with Coupled Aileron - Rudder
Citizen-Ship 3 chan digital proportional
OS 6 channel reed
Kraft 6 channel reed
Min-X Galloping Ghost
OS single channel
Min-X single channel