Berkeley Aerotrol 1 channel carrier  wave
Citizen-Ship 1 channel with Cobb servos
Ecktronics 10 channel reed
Ecktronics 1 channel with Temco servo


Orbit 3+1 analog
Ace RC Commander 1 channel (early version) with DeBolt servo
Kraft - Ace RC Commander 1 channel
Deltron T99 & R100 1 channel
F&M 5 channel digital
Citizen-Ship 1 channel 465 MHz
C&S 1 channel with Pulsi-Tran pulser and Septalette actuator
Ace RC pulse with KRD motor control and servo
Control Master ground based TX, Essco RX, homemade servo
CG 8 channel reed
Ga-Lin 1 channel with GM MiniCombo actuator
Kraft 6 channel digital (1967)
Min-X 1 channel with Graupner servo
Bramco 10 channel reed
Aristo-Craft 1 channel carrier wave
   CG Venus TX & Jupiter RX / Bonner SN escapement comb/
Citizen-Ship 1 channel carrier wave
Citizen-Ship 2 channel Velvet Touch series 2 channel
Citizen-Ship 2 channel digital
Controlaire Galloping Ghost with Rand Dual Pak actuator
Citizen-Ship 6 channel reed
ECE (pre CG / F&M) 1 channel carrier wave with DeBolt servo
Kraft Custom 1 channel with Royal servo
Ecktronics 1 channel with escapement